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Professor Ministry

Professors are the leaders of the next generation. Reach them with Ratio Christi training and professor evangelism.

Influencing the influencers

Strategic Impact

Professors hold a strategically significant position in society. They shape the ideas of entire generations, but they have been largely abandoned by the Church. Ratio Christi brings the Gospel to the professor through apologetics. Our campus missionaries are specially trained to share the Gospel with these intellectual heavyweights.

Training missional professors

The university is the single most influential institution in western culture. While professors make up a small fraction of Americans, they possess a disproportionate influence on culture given their authoritative role in the highest halls of education. 

Ratio Christi trains Christian professors to share their faith with others at the university. We offer training, mentorship, and a network for missional professors.

RC Professors Have an Impact

Get involved. Get equipped.

Apologetics evangelism on college campuses is a difficult task. We’ve prepared a number of resources for Christian professors who want to share their faith with others on university campuses.

Completing the task

Almost 30 years ago, Charles Malik, in dedicating the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, remarked: “Save the university and you save Western civilization and therewith the world…. Wake up, my friends, wake up: the great universities control the mind of the world. Therefore how can evangelism consider its task accomplished if it leaves the university unevangelized? And how can evangelism evangelize the university if it cannot speak to the university.” Apologetics, the reasoned defense of the Christian faith, is the key to evangelizing the university. I commend Ratio Christi for taking seriously Malik’s call to reclaim the university for Christ.

William Dembski, The Design Inference (Cambridge University Press, 1998)